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Pegs to Count Up is a fun, visual and highly tactile set of maths resources which are manipulated by children through hands on concrete experiences. The colourful, multi-sensory resources are eco-friendly and fully inclusive – an invaluable resource to support early mathematics from 3 to 11 years old.

Manipulatives help make abstract mathematical ideas concrete. They enable children to construct physical models to learn the fundamentals of mathematics, but also help children in structuring their own problem solving and enquiry, thus supporting a mastery approach.

Pegs to Count Up works seamlessly with a range of other maths resources and can be used right from the early years where exploratory play builds familiarity with the manipulatives, right through to the end of primary when it can be used to teach specific concepts within the curriculum or for intervention programmes for children struggling with maths.

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The most open ended maths manipulative, developed from the original Pegs to Paper for handwriting. Now features new components, including 70% recycled wood pulp pegs and pegboards, a double sided 100 square printed insert and a set of 10 sided dice. Ideal for teaching maths to 3-11 year olds, plus SEN handwriting and maths for all ages (SEN Pegs to Paper activities included).

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