U-fill Blue Glue Sticks and Glue Refills

Watch as the glue applies in a vibrant blue hue, allowing children to see exactly where they’re applying it, and magically dries clear for a clean, seamless finish. Teaches young children where to place the glue.

U-fill Quick Glue Sticks and Glue Refills

Crafted for those who demand speed without compromising strength, this glue stick sets in a mere minute, ensuring your projects are securely bonded with precision and efficiency.

U-fill Clear Glue Sticks and Glue Refills

Designed for those who demand the epitome of quality and versatility. Sticks heavier items and glides effortlessly onto surfaces. Allows you to reposition your work for up to two minutes before setting.

Watch the Glue Sticks in Action!

Award Winning Environmentalist and Eco Coordinator, Edd Moore invites us to join Damers First School weekly eco session, where they share their passion for our reusable glue sticks and show us how to refill them.

Sticking Around for a Greener Tomorrow

Despite major brands advertising their glue sticks as recyclable, in reality they are rarely (if ever!) accepted because they contaminate the recycling process. U-fill bypasses the recycling system altogether and is easy and fun for children to use. Once the glue stick is empty, make sure it gets reused by simply twisting in our refills. Pop the empty refills into a collection bag, then we collect these and reuse them in production!

U-fill Empty Refill Collection Bags

Our paper bag is specifically designed to collect empty refill canisters and bases, ensuring they are returned for reuse in the production cycle.

Grab Your Free Bag & Poster

A Winner for the Environment

The U-fill reusable glue stick system became one of the proud winners of Kids Judge Bett 2023!

Learn more about the award

Reinforce the Message around Your Setting…

Download and print this free poster and stick them around your setting to help reinforce the reuse and refill concept.

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