Thank you to all who attended our webinar on 30/11/20

We would like to thank everyone who managed to spare their time on Monday afternoon to attend our P2P for numeracy webinar. Also a big thank you to Liz Thomas and Deb Ferris from Integra for being fantastic guest speakers. Click the link below to view the product range presented at the webinar.

View the P2P for numeracy range

P2P (Pegs to Paper)

Resources to enhance motor development, pen control, linguistic skills and mathematics using pegboards, bamboo rods and our uniquely designed pegs. The P2P range is split into three categories; P2P for literacy, P2P for numeracy and P2P for STEM.

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Early Development

We are specialists in early years resources. Browse our specially designed and selected range of products to aid your children’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) development. Discover a series of wooden, magnetic and sensory products designed to enhance fine motor skills and encourage imaginative play

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Arts & Crafts

A comprehensive range of art and craft supplies to stimulate young creative minds. We stock an assortment of colour pencils and pens, model making tools, pastels, brushes and paints all designed to withstand the rigours of the classroom.

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Stationery & Supplies

Working closely with educational professionals and teachers over 25 years, we have designed and produced a unique range of stationery to meet the highest standard. Browse through our list of handwriting equipment, whiteboard pens, boards, chalks, glue sticks, PPE equipment and our newly developed ‘essential kit bags’.

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Explore our range of maths resources including a variety of manipulatives for hands on teaching and a ‘time and measurement’ section of clocks, timers and abacus beads.

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Outdoor / Indoor

From large scale construction kits which can be used both inside and outside to high quality bikes and trikes, we stock a diverse range of activity focused resources.

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Prevent and protect solutions for a clean and safe environment.

We stock hand sanitiser and surface spray formulas which are both alcohol free and certified COVID-19 effective.

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