Help us change the life cycle of glue sticks for the better

When a glue stick becomes empty, you end up with a container that you can do nothing else with. It is also contaminated with glue and is therefore difficult to recycle correctly. As a result, millions of used glue sticks are destined for landfill or incineration. To tackle this environmental issue, we have been working hard to rethink about our glue stick life cycle, and as a result have developed U-fill.

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Introducing our new ‘Go’ range of bikes and trikes. Each vehicle is numbered from 1-8 and are great for building cooperative play.

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Improve the standards of handwriting in your school or setting with this evidence based set of resources. Now repackaged into a ‘table of 4’ set featuring new components, including 70% recycled wood pulp pegs and pegboards.

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The most open ended maths manipulative, reimagined. Now repackaged into a carry case style box featuring new components, including 70% recycled wood pulp pegs and pegboards, 100 square printed insert and 10 sided dice.

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Discover our new and unique take on the classic abacus bead. Each measuring 1cm, these cubed style beads on a string are great for teaching area, measurement, weight and much more.

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These unique, beautifully crafted bamboo pieces are the ultimate STEM building blocks. Calibrated to the standard unit block, ‘Block Play’ is supported with a pedagogy and is guaranteed to excite and inspire.

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We have produced our own series of high quality, scratch resistant wooden people, each styled on a different character in the community or workplace. Great for language development and imaginative play.

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