(3) Go Balance Tandem

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    Introducing our ‘Go’ vehicle number 3: Balance Tandem. For up to 2 riders aged 3+.

    Measurements: Handle bar height: 66cm. Seat height (front): 39cm. Seat height (back): 37cm. Length: 104cm. Width: 18cm

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    Go vehicle number 3: Balance Tandem. Ideal for teaching children balancing and cooperative play.

    Each bike is numbered 1-8 with dice pips on its number plate. Includes an additional number plate sticker to allocate a parking bay. Challenging the children to match the numbers on the bikes to the numbers on the parking bays is a great way to develop subitizing skills for maths. For up to 2 riders aged 3+.

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    • Fatter wheels for safety and balancing
    • 2 Chairs for seated riders
    • Balance bikes will stand upright on flat surfaces
    • Sturdy frame with seat
    • Soft grip handle bars
    • Wheels with high quality industrial bearings
    • All parts replaceable
    • Durable frame built to last
    • Weight: 9kg
    • Max weight capacity: 100kg


    • Handle bar height: 66cm
    • Seat height (front): 39cm
    • Seat height (back): 37cm
    • Length: 104cm
    • Width: 18cm


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