Natural Bricks with Platform 1/4 Set

These indoor and outdoor construction sets offer children a dynamic and open-ended play experience. The inclusion of platforms adds a new dimension to traditional building blocks, enabling children to construct multi-level structures. This creative freedom allows children to envision and bring to life their own imaginative worlds, which in turn enhances their problem-solving skills as they figure out how to make their ideas a reality. Engaging with building bricks and platforms has a positive impact on cognitive development. As children plan and execute their construction projects, they’re honing their spatial awareness, geometry, and engineering skills. The act of fitting bricks together to create stable structures requires logical thinking, critical reasoning, and the ability to visualize in three dimensions. These cognitive processes lay a strong foundation for understanding more complex concepts in mathematics and science.

The natural colours of the parts beautifully blend into the outdoor environment.

Available in 3 different sized sets.

Age: 2+

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