Highways: Town Scenery with Bamboo Blocks

A unique and imaginative playset that transports children to a bustling town brimming with diverse opportunities. At its core, the set comprises a series of graphic screens depicting different locales within the town, as well as traffic lights, pelican crossings, plus a number of blank road signs which can be brought to life using the Highways Road Safety Sticker Set (sold separately). These screens serve as the backdrop for the Highways wooden figures that represent various jobs and professions (sold separately), turning the set into an immersive storytelling experience. The slats on the bamboo blocks securely hold the screens and road signs, enabling them to be placed within your Highways environment. By gathering around the town, children can engage in group learning experiences, share ideas, and collectively explore the content. This not only nurtures social skills but also fosters a sense of community and teamwork, laying a foundation for future collaborations.

This set includes 44 graphic upstands & 48 bamboo blocks.

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