Cube Beads Set

Discover our new and unique take on the classic abacus bead. Each measuring 1cm, these cubed style beads on a string are great for teaching area, measurement, weight and much more. Made from 70% recycled wood pulp making them more sustainable.

The red and white abacus is used in contemporary primary schools for a wide range of number-related lessons, most commonly in the form of a ‘Rekenrek’. Our unique cubed style beads can do all of the same lesson activities that a tradition abacus bead set can do, plus a wide range of further activities. Use the cube beads on the string to cover traditional abacus lesson planning, or use the cube beads independently from the string for extended area, volume and weight subject teaching.

Each set comes packed in a cardboard box containing:

  • 1 x A5 instruction booklet
  • 10 x laces (212cm each)
  • 500 x white recycled wood pulp cube beads
  • 500 x red recycled wood pulp cube beads
Click here for virtual edition of instruction

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