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Here at Nexus, we are handwriting specialists in early education. With handwriting being the basis for all subject areas, focusing on fine motor skills from an early age is paramount. We have perfected a solution to train children to use the correct muscle memory. Our giant grippy pegs have been specially designed to support the tripod grip and build the correct muscles in order to set the accurate structure in the early years foundation stage. Watch this short clip to learn more about the resources.

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If you want to improve the standards of handwriting in your school or setting then look no further than this evidence based set of resources, guaranteed to produce exceptional results. For use with ages 3-5 years, plus extension SEN activities for ages 5+ years. Includes resources for 1 table of 4 children. Recommended quantity: 1 x box for a nursery group. 1-4 x boxes per school classroom.

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