50 U-fill Blue Glue Stick Refills


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U-fill: The world’s only reusable glue stick range. Watch as the glue applies in a vibrant blue hue, allowing children to see exactly where they’re applying it, and magically dries clear for a clean, seamless finish. Teaches young children where to place the glue.

Once used, do not throw away your empty glue sticks. Instead, replenish the contents with our eco friendly ‘U-fill Blue Stick Refills’. We will then collect your empty refill canisters and reuse in production.

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What is U-fill?

Adopt the world’s only eco friendly, reusable glue stick system ‘U-fill’ to help with your zero waste management.

Can you refill glue sticks?

Yes, you can refill your glue sticks if you switch to our ‘U-fill’ system.

Why should I switch to the U-fill system?

Glue sticks are very hard to recycle because they are contaminated with glue residue and made from multiple types of plastic. However, with our ‘U-fill’ glue stick system, you refill them rather than throwing them away! When the glue runs out of the stick, keep the empty barrel and replenish the contents with our refill canisters. You can keep doing this again and again because our glue dispensers are very durable! Our U-fill system is the only eco friendly glue stick solution in the world.

How does it work?

Watch the quick and simple video guide above to learn how to reuse your empty glue stick – it’s easy and fun for children to learn too!

How does U-fill help the environment?

By making the switch to our U-fill system, you could prevent up to 2,000 used glue sticks from going into landfill each year. You heard that right – on average each school in the UK sends up to 2,000 glue sticks into landfill every year!

How does the free ‘drop and swap’ service work?

After you have used all of the refills in the box, you can arrange a free drop and swap with us and our courier will collect your empty refills when they are delivering your new ones. We will then reuse these canisters in production by placing more glue inside them. Because you are reusing the glue stick barrels and we are reusing the refill canisters, this means there is zero plastic waste! Remember to keep your empty glue dispensers and keep refilling them with more refills! Read this BBC News article to learn more about why reusing is better for the environment than recycling.

What do other have to say about U-fill?

As part of our push to become more sustainable as a company, we have been aligning ourselves with eco friendly minded people within the education community to collaborate with and learn from. The U-fill system is now being endorsed by a number of eco organisations such as Eco Schools Northern Ireland, Kids Against Plastic, Let’s Go Zero and Get to Net-Zero with Edd Moore. Edd Moore, an award winning environmentalist, teacher and eco coordinator had this to say about our ‘U-fill’ eco friendly glue stick system: “For 2 years my eco crew had been looking into recycling glue sticks or finding a way that they could be reused. They worked out that our school was using 2000 glue sticks per year with them all going into landfill. They approached the leading brands about this issue who said that their glue sticks could be recycled, but it appears that no council can in fact recycle them. Then I discovered Learn Play Nexus and their U-fill reusable glue stick system. The glue glides with no lumps and sticks down the first time with no flapping edges. When empty we just refill the glue stick barrel with a refill and away we go again. They even collect the empty refill canisters and reuse them in production, meaning zero plastic waste. I would highly recommend the U-fill glue system as a solution to reducing single use plastics at school.”

What types of glue sticks are available in the U-fill range?

We do three types of glue formulas, all of which are reusable and compatible with the free drop and swap service. Firstly we do a Blue Stick which applies blue, then dries clear to help young children see where they are sticking. Secondly we do a Quick Stick, which is the fastest setting and most general formulation (closet to the leading brands – but better of course!). And lastly our most premium formulation is the Clear Stick, which has a longer reposition time so you can correct mistakes more easily, includes the highest glue content and can stick the heaviest items. All three formulations have been perfected with our own chemist over a number of years and perform to the highest standard and quality. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the performance of our glue sticks!