Nexus White Playboard – Set of 12 (Class Set)

This set includes 12 boards, 12 applicators and 80 laces.

This unique teaching tool helps children learn:

  • To thread a lace
  • Develop hand-eye coordination pushing the lace into the hole and into the next to create a picture
  • Co-operative play making pictures and designs with other children
  • Develop the finger and hand muscles associated with handwriting
  • To copy more complex patterns created by other children or teacher
  • To photo copy and record a design

The playboards are easy to clean, long lasting and can withstand high temperatures allowing them to be kept in tip top condition. The boards can be linked together or used separately time and time again. Available in either white or black. Spare laces and applicators are available to purchase separately. Suitable for ages 3+.

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