Magnetic Tiles: Triangles & Squares

These colourful, translucent magnetic equilateral triangles and squares enable children to create and discover a multitude of geometric shapes while learning through play. Enhances logical thinking, shape and colour recognition plus key fine motor and STEM skills. Our new and improved magnetic tiles now feature a textured face on all of the square pieces, making them compatible with classic building blocks. The translucent design enables you to create dazzling light effects when shining a torch from underneath in the dark.

Set of 40 magnetic squares and 60 equilateral triangles.

Compatible with classic building blocks.

Ideal for developing fine motor skills and for teaching shapes and colours, pattern recognition and symmetry.

A good tool for showing the net of a cube.

Can be used effectively for both 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional models and creations.

in. VAT £119.94