Nexus MagnePad

A4 sized magnetic board with work cards. Brilliant to aid children’s development of fine motor skills and sensory skills. Age 3+

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Children can develop motor skills and pen control whilst having fun creating pictures. Using the magnetic applicator pen, lift up the metal balls within the pad to create an image onto the surface. The metal balls can then be pushed back down into the pad with either a finger or the side of the magnetic applicator to refresh the canvas.

The hexagonal applicator supplied with the board includes a nickel-coated, sprung loaded, strong neodymium magnet. Images can be generated from either the imagination or can be copied from one of the 20 work cards.

The Nexus MagnePad is great for those who are visually impaired as it provides sensory feedback for sound and touch. Braille can also be written onto the board which helps with communication. The metal balls are safely housed with the grid of the pad, ensuring the balls do not fall out. Each board measures 315mm x 255mm.

Each set includes

  • 1 magnetic board
  • 1 magnetic hexagonal applicator pen
  • 20 example work cards