U-fill Blue Stick Refills

1 x box of 100 U-fill Blue Stick refills.

Goes on blue and dries clear – really handy to see where you are sticking! For paper, card, tissue paper, foil and more.

U-fill. Reuse. Refill. Rethink.

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When a glue stick becomes empty, you end up with a container that you can do nothing else with. It is also contaminated with glue and is therefore difficult to recycle correctly. As a result, millions of used glue sticks are destined for landfill or incineration. To tackle this environmental issue, we have been working hard to rethink about our glue stick life cycle, and as a result have developed U-fill. Simply take your empty glue stick, clean off any residue with a cloth. Then replenish the contents with a U-fill refill dispenser. So that takes care of the issue of sending our glue sticks to landfill, but what about the empty U-fill containers? The idea is that we collect your empties in the original box, return them to our warehouse, and reuse them in production. Typically, perfectly working adhesive containers are thrown away after initial use, but with our U-fill system, both the glue stick and refill container can be reused time and again in a continuous cycle.

As well as being reused in production, alternatively these useful screw cap containers can be reused for many other different purposes.

You can fill them with liquids and paint as they are completely air tight.
You can use them as musical instruments when filled with beads and other small parts.
You can connect them together to do patterning and sequencing for maths.
You can store and present found objects inside them, and much more!
Help us change the life cycle of glue sticks for the better.

U-fill. Reuse. Refill. Rethink.