P2P for Literacy Step 1 & 2 Nursery Set

This set uses both the 5×5 linking pegboard and the 10×10 Giant Pegboard, both these boards have been designed to have a slight resistance. Ages 3-5+

This set is suitable for Schools and large nursery settings.

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Designed by expert in the field Dr Angela Webb (child psychologist and former chair of the National Handwriting Association); P2P for literacy (Pegs to Paper) is a 3 step programme designed to lay down good foundations in the early years (ages 3-5+).

During these exercises the child is to (listen) to the instruction; the child then creates the pattern onto the pegboard using the pegs (do); the child then describes what they have done to develop language (say); then finally they (draw) the pattern onto the dots sheet to develop pen control. A proven method for closing the gap and raising attainment.

This set includes both step 1 & step 2 resources designed for nursery settings: 8 linking pegboards, 2 giant pegboards, 400 pegs, 40 pots, 2 wallets P2P of pens, and steps 1 & 2 printed work cards.