Pegs to Count Up Year Group Pack

Pegs to Count Up numbers 1-10 resources with printed support material year group pack. Age 3+

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Pegs to Count Up was developed from Dr Angela Webb’s idea that numerical rods could be introduced to the ‘Pegs to’ pegs to represent number in a linear fashion. These resources fit alongside the concrete, pictorial abstract method of teaching and can be used to teach a wide range of mathematical concepts. Pegs to Count Up can be used to link into the ready to progress criteria, the primary maths guidance and the national curriculum. A proven method for closing the gap and raising attainment.

This “group pack”includes numbers 1-10 resources: 6 linking pegboards, 3- pegs, 30 pots, 2 x Giant Peg Board 1 chalky pastels, 1 microfibre cleaning cloth, 2 rods & tiles sets, 1 x 100 square bamboo count up frame, 1 x 100 square printed giant pegboard, 1 set of blackboard strips and tiles, 7 sets of printed work cards (both numbers 1-5 & 1-10 work cards).