Nexus Catch-Up Essential Kit Age 5-6

Price displayed is per unit, pack contains 5 Kits with 5 free Essential Stationary packs.

Helps with fine motor skills and builds confidence with pen control and hands-on active learning

in. VAT £30.00

Our Catch-up kits are specially designed to help children learn at home whilst developing fine motoring skills through creative play the involves several numeracy and literacy activities.

Nexus Catch-up Essential Kits come in batches of 5 multi-coloured bags orange/red/blue/yellow/green.

These kits can be purchased by the school, parents borrow the packs and use at home during lockdown. Once children return to school, they can utilise the kits in the classroom.

Nexus Catch-Up Essential Kit is great learning resource for drawing geometric shapes or for writing sums and number sentences. Children will develop hand eye co-ordination whilst creating patterns, shapes, pictures.

Kit includes:

1 x 36cm x 26cm essential catch-up kit bag
1 x A4 grid writing board
1 x fine whiteboard pen
1 x cloth,
1 x magnepad tablet
1 x white playboard with 5 laces & applicator

Kit also includes a free PLUS FREE Essential stationery kit bag with colour pencils, pens, glue sticks, handwriting pencils, sharpener, ruler, eraser and highlighter pen.


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