Nexus A4 Grid Writing Board Essential Kit – 26cm x 36cm (30 Pack)

Gridded Writing Board Essential Kit for School pupils, includes Gridded Writing Board, Microfibre Cloth and Black Triangular Whiteboard Pen. Ages 3+

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A perfect solution for organisation and cleanliness in today’s climate. Choose from our selection of pre-made kits. Essential Kits are purchased in packs of 30, with each individual item arriving to the customer in x 30s (this gives the purchaser flexibility to fill contents as they wish). Essential kit bags made from child-friendly phthalate-free plastic. Available in 5 colours.

This set includes

  • 30 x essential kit bags (in 5 colours)
  • 30 x grid writing boards
  • 30 x whiteboard pens (black)
  • 30 x cleaning cloths