Lockdown Learning Catch-Up Kit 2 (Age 4-6)

Helps to teach shape, number, colour, spatial awareness and cognitive development, whilst encouraging children to form the all-important tripod grip.

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Nexus Home Learning Essential Kit are specially designed to help children aged 4-6 learn at home during lockdown.

P2P for literacy (Pegs to Paper) is a 3 step programme designed to lay down good foundations in the early years (ages 3-5+). This home pack helps children develop the pen grip and fine motor skills. The child listens to the instruction; the child then creates the pattern onto the pegboard using the pegs; the child then describes what they have done to develop language. Then finally they recreate the pattern onto the dots sheet to develop pen control.

Kit includes:
1 x 36cm x 26cm essential catch-up kit bag
1 x pegboard with 25 pegs
1 x wallet of P2P pens
1 x digital work card sheet
1 x triangular whiteboard pen
1 x cloth, 1 x magnepad tablet
1 x clearboard

Essential kit bags come 5 different colours and are selected at random


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