Lockdown Learning Catch-Up Kit 1 (Age 3-5)

Great for developing children’s fine motor skills giving hours of active learning possibilities in the home environment.

in. VAT £30.00

Nexus Home Learning Essential Kits are specially designed to help children learn at home. Each kit is uniquely designed to benefit pupils from EYFS right up to year 6/P7 pupils.

Nexus Home Learning Essential Kit is ideal for children to learn hand eye co-ordination whilst creating patterns, shapes, pictures and handwriting skills. Each pack comes in a child safe phthalate free bag.

Kit includes:
1 x 36cm x 26cm essential catch-up kit bag
1 x A4 writing board (double sided black/whiteboard)
1 x triangular whiteboard pen
1 x cloth, 1 x magnepad tablet
1 x black playboard with 5 laces & applicator
1 x 10 sticks of triangular coloured chalk


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